Reflective Essay On The Book 'Unlikely Allies'

How did I feel about the book Unlikely Allies? I had lots of difficulty reading the book, from the sudden changes in scenes to the exhausting writing. It felt like a sloppy mess of sudden twists and turns that would, in most books, keep me intrigued, but this did not interest me at all. If the author added just a little bit of flair to the certain parts of the writing then I think I would really enjoy the book. The book had things I didn’t like, a few things I did like, and a couple things I would change. Several things in the book made me think about what its importance in the story was.
First, starting off I did not at all like how the book was set up. It felt to me that is was more of a biography than a story. I felt that way they tell every characters journey feels like a bland description of the trip with no dialogue. I find dialogue to be very important thing if you want to keep my attention, and books that lack it are not very interesting. Another thing I did not enjoy was the beginning of the book with the characters descriptions. The descriptions felt more of a bother than actual intrigue, I found myself accidentally zoning off after a few words. The sense of ennui I
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I love everything about France and I really enjoy everyone that helped out and was french during the revolution, or at least that I know of. I really liked the storyline of Caron de Beaumarchais and Chevalier D’Eon, and the intrigue the characters provided. Especially with D’Eon because of the constant is it a boy? Is it a girl? It shocked me at first because of how masiculain the character is first described as and finding out the beginning of her story was interesting. The storyline of Beaumarchais was the storyline I favorited because of the cunning and somewhat laughable adventures the character has and his many, many romances. These were the things that made my experience reading the book

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