Site Visit Report Essay

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Site Visit Report
Theresa Hill
BSHS/312 Models of Effective Helping
August 20, 2012
Elizabeth Jorgensen

Site Visit Report
The Eating and Weight Disorder Center of Seattle (EWDC) is one out of a group of treatment centers in Seattle called Evidence-Based Treatment Centers (EBTC). EWDC offers treatment for different eating and weight disorders. The program does not single out one type of population, as they serve a variety of populations. The disorders that EWDC help their clients with do not stand-alone as they usually lead to medical complications and mental health issues. These concerns were instrumental in determining the opening of the EWDC. It is important that individuals seek help, as it is the first step to recovery.
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Alexia has completed her pre-doctoral internship, and she provides extensive group therapy. Kristy Ludwig earned a Master’s Degree at Harvard University, and she earned a Master’s Degree at Boston University. She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Brigham Young University. Jeffery Kaiser. a child, adolescent, and a board certified adult psychiatrist. Although a strong believer in behavioral and psychotherapeutic interventions, working with other across disciplines as a collaborating team member is something he enjoys.
EWDC treats 12 different disorders. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, body Dysmorphic disorder, night eating syndrome, emotional eating, compulsive eating, body image dissatisfaction, eating disorder, and anxiety, compulsive exercise, eating disorders in children and adolescents, and subthreshold eating disorders. Characteristic of anorexia nervosa is a feeling of isolation and a fear of getting fat. Some individuals engage in binge eating and purging. Bulimia nervosa includes behaviors, such as patterns of binge eating followed by the use of laxatives, self-induced vomiting, or over-exercising. These individuals report dissatisfaction with their bodies and often experience depression, anxiety, or indulgence in substance abuse. Characteristic of binge eating disorders are feelings of shame or self -disgust, or loss of control after eating a large amount of food. Characteristics

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