Site Visit Report At The Islamic Academy Of San Antonio Essay

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Site Visit Report
On Friday February 14 at 2 a clock pm, I went to the Islamic academy of San Antonio. I went to the office of Ms. Hanan the secretary of the school but I did not find her. Therefore, I went to the office of Ms. Malika Abdul-Jami the Curriculum Consultant and the Academic Dean at the center. She welcomed me and I asked her if there is a chance that I can attend the workshop or the meeting that they conduct every Friday for the teachers. She said it is fine. I sat at one of the chairs because there were around 7 chairs at her office. I sat at the nearest one to the door in case if there are other teachers are going to come because there were some teachers sitting at the office.
The place smelled detergents and you can hear some children. The place were somehow crowded and I was wondering if they are going to conduct the workshop on it. Several teachers came and asked if they are still having meeting or not. Anyone came to the place greeted me and smile which helped me to be more comfortable. I all of the staff at the center ware Islamic dress. They cover their hairs and wear hijab even some of the students at that I saw at the school.
I like their relationship with one another. Ms. Hanan was helping Ms. Malika with a problem that she faced on the computer and they all were talking about the technology’s difficulties. They all were laughing and chatting. They were talking about the things that happened to them during the day and their plans for weekend. I…

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