Sir Richard Branson Essay example

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International success for an organization requires the expansion of the company into the global market for exposure and the goal of increasing profit margins. Strong leadership skills are an essential key in the success for a global company. Judgment, positive attitude and entrepreneurial thinking, and motivational incentives are additional keys that contribute to the success of an organization. The strategic leadership ways and personality of Sir Richard Branson proved to be success in the company he led into the global market. His Virgin Galactic company had the vision to be the first company to offer passengers the opportunity to fly into space at the cost of an expensive price as the world’s first space line. In addition to …show more content…
Being able to work and deal with people in an international environment is a task that successful leaders are able to handle and Richard Branson is one of those leaders. As one of the founders of Virgin Group, Sir Richard built the organization that includes over 200 companies located in more than 30 countries worldwide. The companies vary from selling books, mobile phones, and recently moving into the airline, train, finance, and resorts industries. The success of Virgin is reflected by Richard Branson’s personality and leadership style of openness and master negotiation skills. Team-building and approaching situations with a consultant perspective were skills that Branson used in daily decisions. The customer service aspect of all of the companies that Virgin Group was the parent company to be focused on the satisfaction of their customers. One of the reasons that Virgin Airlines has consistently been among the top brands in the airline industry is due to the ultimate priority to offer exceptional customer service. The idea for a global space travel venture is an opportunity that the Virgin Group is more likely to accomplish over their competitors. Cooperation and strategies between the companies involved in the idea of intergalactic travel make it possible achieve the challenging task of space exploration for the

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