My Philosophy Of Leadership : Leadership

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My philosophy of leadership
Leadership is the ability to be the influential source in motivating others to do their best in any given situation. Leadership cannot emerge solely from one individual but from a network of interactions and in context (Montuori, 2010). It is the responsibility of a leader to be the catalyst of change in order to help teachers be better than they are, to be a source of inspiration and encouragement, and to feel empowered by knowing they are providing the best they are capable for student achievement. Leadership means to enhance a teacher’s sense of worthiness and a sense of pride that drives reflection and exploration of their own practices to become more than they thought they could be.
It is vital to lead by example in order to cultivate a learning community that engages in self-discovery, challenges and questions what is best, and not to be satisfied with what has always been done. A leader must demonstrate self-exploration and continuous learning for all with whom they work. It is imperative a leader keep an open-mind to innovative and novel ways to achieve successes and to remain cognizant of the significance of personal professional development.
A fundamental aspect of leadership is to keep abreast of the best research-based practices and educational discoveries by availing themselves of professional journals, research, and continued professional development. A leader should feel emboldened, not diminished, for enriching their knowledge

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