Singin In The Rain Critique

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The musical Singin’ In The Rain was an enjoyable experience that had myself laughing and following along with the classical music hits. Being completely honest, I’m not a person who would go to a musical on my own freewill, plays just never had my interest. I remember as a kid, my best friend was into musical movies, so had to sit through Chicago and even Singin’ In The Rain and pretended to like them. However, viewing this musical in college with young students as the actors it seemed more appealing, and funnier than I remember from the movie. When sitting in the theatre I scanned through the audience, and they appeared to have adored this production, especially when the character Cosmo was talking. From overhearing the reactions at the end of the play, I’d say it was a success because people were happy with how the story turned out, the humor, and how the actors performed their roles convincingly. …show more content…
I believe that these actors put a lot of work and effort towards their performances, and I didn’t think about them being just students, no, I was convinced that it was like any other film or play with amazing actors. Even though some people had to taken on multiple roles, they were different from each other so I barely noticed it was the same person from an earlier scene. For my all time favorite character, and the audiences, it would be Cosmo, he was hilarious being the comedy guy, and his song ‘Make E’m Laugh’ had the audience just cracking up. Also, I have to give credit to the actress that played Lina, she must have had to do a lot of voice work to have her voice come out as that loud, screechy voice for the entire musical. The entire cast did fantastic, thankfully no one messed up their lines, the singing and dancing was spot on, and now I’m convinced that I need to see it

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