Similarities Between Dogs And Cats

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Dogs and cats are the two main household pets. There are many reasons why you should get both, but getting a dog is the best way to go. Dogs are playful, fun, physical and active animals. Cats are very dainty, and it’s either ‘my way or the highway’ with this feline. Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. There is a special connection between dogs and humans, a connection that will not compare to one with a cat. Dogs are helpful, interesting, and smart animals. Dogs like to cuddle, cats do not. Dogs are the best cuddle buddy a person could ask for. They are always warm and they like to be warm so they will get really close to you and keep you warm as well. Cats only like to lay in the sun and nap, but don’t touch …show more content…
Want a small dog, a Chihuahua is the dog for you. Want a dog bigger than the state of Texas, a Mastiff will make you grin from ear to ear. Cats can see in the dark, but you probably didn’t know that a dog can also see in the dark. Going after the other senses, dogs have some amazing noses that can sniff out anything such as people, various foods and even your feelings. Dogs are so smart they can tell what you’re feeling all the time. If you’re feeling sad, your dog will sense that and come up next to you and make you feel safe. If you want a pet that can do fun and exciting tricks then I do not suggest getting a cat. Dogs are actually easier to train than cats are. All mammals have the same sort of shape of brain. A human brain is connected to a dog's. The brains are different in size, and that’s just about it. There may be a few extra flaps missing but that’s all. Dogs use a large portion of their brains for finding smells. Dogs rely on their noses. Dogs, just like humans, associate smells with memories (Travis). A dog brain is forty percent more based on smells than a human brain. Dogs have the same brain waves as to when we are dreaming and are thought to be dreaming just like humans

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