Cats And Dogs Similarities

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Dogs versus Cats

Compare Dogs and cats are somewhat alike and different in many ways. For example: if I were to compare and contrast, dogs and cats it would be easy. Comparing dogs to cats is both are good house pets to have for children’s and everyone loves. Both cats and dogs have different varieties to choose from and different ancestors and different colors / skin tone around the world. Both cats and dogs are very smart and have extremely good hearing they hear you from far away or close up when they're name is being called.

Similarities between cats and dogs are both nice, playful, furry, warm cuddly animals and hate to get their fur all wet. People
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Other differences are that some people use dogs for a guide to show them the way like blind people not cats. And dogs have very good smelling that why police use dogs to catch the criminal or to let their dog sniff to find them. Cats don’t have very good smelling as dogs. Dogs are much bigger than cats, and cats are very small compared to a dog and there are some dogs just as small as cats but there are not cats big as a dog. They also act a certain way dogs and cats have their own brains. A dog loves when a person throws them a ball or bones; snacks or play a game of Frisbee. Sometimes dogs can be weird sometimes, like when a dog chases their tails over and over again or chews on its foot or make a certain noise when he or she wants attention. Cats don’t do that, but what gets a cat attention is when they see a flying insect or squirrels outside, they will run to chase it even if it's night time because cats have very good sight just as better than dogs. Cats love to play with yarn for some reason too. There are some useful things people need cats for to keep the rats away and not dogs. Cats often don’t have to get a bath much as dogs because they can clean themselves cats lick their fur to keep it clean

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