Should the Girl Scouts of America Be Allowed to Include Transgenders?

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Should the Girl Scouts of America be Allowed to Include Transgenders?











transgenders — associated as a girl — will be accepted as a member. There has been a continuous argument with right-wing conservatives throughout the entire country but specifically in
Louisiana. Upon the release of the statement, many donors have stopped funding the program considering they believe transgenders shouldn’t be allowed in the gender specific society. There have been only a few stipulations considering transgender entry and portray the purpose to be for the well being and safety of the member. Changes in something that is correlated as traditional
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Considering Juliette Gordon Low based her idea of Girl Scouts by Boy Scouts, are we seeing Boy Scouts reform in terms of allowing gays?
Growing up, Girl Scouts seem to be the fad. Every girl in my community would wear their blue, brown, or green vests to school and I was always envious of them. My mother eventually gave in to my begging and I was an official Girl Scout that would be know to live up to such high standards that were set forth. From that day on, I had a desire to live up to those ideals and be the best I could be in everything I pursued. Some claim that this change is what the organization needed in order to further their success but others refuse to accept this proposal considering the beliefs Juliette Gordon Low instilled. The burning question from Diana Samuels in her article, “Transgender Youth in Girl Scouts? National Group Says Yes, Louisiana Council
Says No” whether or not transgenders should be allowed in Girl Scouts. This is also the main question right-wing conservatives are asking themselves while supplying their opinion to the public. Obviously the word “reform” cannot be found in their vocabulary and they are taking on the task of convincing those that are sisters, granddaughters, alumnae, etc. to take a stand against

Humphreys 3 this decision. Although, for each troop within each state, they are under their own discretion of

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