Anti Lgbt Pros And Cons

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Today’s world battles against anti-lgbt laws and hate crimes. Although we have passed laws to protect LGBT citizens, there are laws currently being passed that counter them. Many of the reasons backing the discriminatory laws are claimed to be supported by religion. For example, some states such North Carolina prohibit transgender citizens from using the bathroom of their choice. This issue is important due to the animosity it spreads throughout our society, and it influences today’s youth whom are in charge of our future. LGBT rights have been a problem since the birth of our nation. This issue affects homeless LGBT youth: 40% of homeless youth identifies as LGBT. Another issue is the discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who desire …show more content…
Your answer is most likely none, due to the fact that there are barely any cases. All our fellow citizens ask is to use the restroom they find more comfortable, and this may lead to everyone feeling more comfortable. In North Carolina, people are discriminated for not using the restroom of their birth sex. It is ridiculous to do this due to that fact people may be on hormones, and look completely opposite of their birth sex. After receiving backlash for passing this bill, North Carolina proposed a new bill that allows transgenders to use the restroom of their identifying sex as long as they have a “certificate of sex reassignment” paper. This is not fair to the transgender community because sex change operations are extremely costly. Everyday transgenders use the restrooms of their identifying sex and people do not notice. This may because when in the bathroom you're trying to use it not ponder what parts the people next to you have down …show more content…
This is affecting our country’s homeless youth, newly wedded couples. As well as couples still being denied marriage and even realestate. If we continue to tear one minority down, which will be next? In the future the United States will be more compassionate and understanding. The tireless acrimony will be put to an end and protected with better laws. For example, protecting transgender people using the bathroom they identify with. I am proud of the LGBT people before me who fought for equality in marriage and succeeded. It proves that slow and steady wins the race, but also gays win in the

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