Should Women Be Allowed To Fight On The Front Lines Essay

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Controversy on the Front Lines Women should be allowed to fight on the front lines. Women should fight on the front lines because, they have taken part in war efforts already, they fought for their own right to vote, and if they fit the position there should be no reason for them not to. From the beginning women have had some role in war. Whether it be staying at home, being a single parent, or enlisting and helping where they are told. Native Americans were able to treat men and women as total equals. There were defined roles but each had equal importance and everyone was respectful of that. There was also a group of women known as the Yellow Handed Heroes. These were women who were involved in making bombs and other explosives during World War Two. Despite the later known …show more content…
However, that is simply an opinion and men would just need to accept the fact that are just as qualified as them. If women have the same abilities and passed the same test as them, it should not matter. Others say women are not physically strong enough. But if she is to pass the same physical tests as men and carry the same amount of gear, that argument is proven wrong. Also, some men do not even fit the physical standards. Another common argument is women should not have to see all the terrible aspects of war. NO ONE SHOULD! That is why it is called post-traumatic stress disorder. It would affect women the same way it already affects men. For a society who thinks men and women are equal, this seems to be pretty unequal. Women have proven they want to be a part of the fight, they have always been a part of the war effort, they won their right to vote, and some fit the physical and written requirements better than men. Wanting to fight for the betterment of one's country should be an equal right. Not everyone is given the drive of wanting to fight; but if they do, it should be used to the country’s

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