Should The Gun Laws Too Liberal? Essays

1177 Words Jul 21st, 2016 null Page
Dedjina Damier
ENC 1101
Prof. V

Critical Preface
There has been 436 people killed in mass shootings, 435 injured from July 18, 1984 to June 12, 2016 (LA times), in 2016 alone there has been 23 cases where a child either ended up injuring/killing themselves or others (Washington post), gang crimes are at an all-time high according to the FBI’s 2015 National Gang Report. While The Second Amendment is used to protect Americans and their right to bear arms, It makes you think are our liberal gun laws, worth the ramifications on the wellbeing of society. My purpose in delving into the topic of gun laws is to find a way to reduce senseless, and accident killings without infringing the second amendment. I will do this by answering these following research questions are the US Gun laws too liberal?, Should access to guns be limited?, and What are the ramifications of our liberal gun laws and how can we decrease its impact on society?. Research was done from June 2016- July 2016 and is a mixture of peer reviewed articles, scholarly articles and online news sources. The article “How They Got Their Guns” form the New York times speaks on how many mass shooters got their guns whether legally or illegally. One article speaks on gun legislation and control in the United States, while another one spoke on preventative measures to prevent criminals from getting guns through effective Firearms Sales Laws, and the last source speaks on the boundaries of the second amendment.


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