Strict Gun Law Essay

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In 1994, there was a strict gun law created. Unfortunately, this strict gun law had ended in 2004. “1994: The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act becomes law. The law banned the manufacture, use, possession and import of 19 types of assault weapons, including AK-47s and Uzis. The law expired in 2004” (Press). But even though with this gun law in place, it would still not be strict enough because there are other types of guns available to people. The manufacturing, possession, and even the use of the 19 types of guns was not as import to people. Gun owners were mad that they no longer could sell or buy these 19 types of guns, but they still had over 50 other typed of guns that they were allowed to use, buy, and sell. In 2008, “The Supreme Court upholds the lower court ruling, striking down D.C. handgun ban as unconstitutional” (Press). This strike down just …show more content…
The first gun policy option is that the government creates a strict gun law. This strict gun law should forbid people to carry a gun no matter where they were unless they take a month long gun class. This gun class should teach people the proper ways to handle a gun, what to do incase of a gun emergency, how to safely put away a gun, and anything else that people might need to know regarding guns. In this month of class, the people taking the class should have testing’s and screenings done on them. The people taking this class should have a background check to ensure that they have never been convicted of any crimes or felonies before. They should also be tested for mental health problems. If a person taking the class was to be found guilty of a crime, felony, or even if they have some sort of mental illness, they shall be prohibited form obtaining a gun permit. In this case, the person would be dismissed from the class. They wont be able to take the gun glass, buy a gun, use a gun, or even possess a

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