Should Textbooks Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Today, young people show a great interest in electronic books. With the increasing price of textbooks for school, students could use e-books as an alternative to receiving all the information they need. Most students, however, would prefer to rely on the hardback copy, but why use that when e-books are offered at a much lower price? Studies have argued about the difference in learning that e-books instill in students rather than paper books. Some fear that it may hinder their learning, but others disagree. Students should use e-books instead of paper books for it, reduce educational cost, does not disturb cognitive efforts in comprehension, and are more accessible.
Having students read textbooks from their tablet computers and e-book readers is a sustaining method for them learn; however, some colleges raise concerns on the impact that e-books have on students’ reading and learning. A group of researchers from German universities does an experiment with multiple young adults, to test this “impact” that colleges worry over. The group of researchers uses two devices to examine the young adults’ performance: an electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a metal disc with cords that is attached from a person’s head to the computer, to record brain wave patterns or theta bands. The other is an
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Two researchers from Indiana University, Dmitriy V. Chulkov and Jason VanAlstine, discovers, “Instructors have the option of customizing and updating textbook content with an online textbook” (216). The changes made can improve the learning for “students with disabilities and diverse learning styles” (217). Colleges, however, argues about a significant disadvantage about the Internet connection for some e-books. An event may come when the internet may become inaccessible, but that is why the e- students should download e-books to prevent such an

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