Should Student Pay That Much For Colleges? Essay

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Khalifa Almazrouei
Bess Myers
Writing 121
24 October 2014

Should Student Pay that Much For Colleges?

In today’s time, it cost thousands of dollars every year in tuition to go to college in America. A lot of families do not have all of the money the school requires to send their son or daughter in school, but they still try to find a way to send them anyways, because education is very important to them. Sometimes the parents will look get another job, or take out loans if they can. But, because college is very expensive, students a lot of times have to take out very big loans and work a lot during school to afford the required money of the college and other things that cost money, like books, and they graduate with a lot of debt. Colleges are charging too much money of students and shouldn’t charge very high prices on tuition and books and other educational materials that students can not afford without working this much and taking out so much debt. Nowadays, many people who can’t afford college on the money that their family has still decide to go to college anyways, because in America, it is very hard to get the jobs that pay more money if you do not have this type of education. In just ten years the tuition of colleges in America “have more than doubled” (Hacker & Dreifus), and this is for private and public schools. Going to college is supposed to be about learning more and getting good teaching, but instead these public and private colleges become more like a…

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