Essay about Should Sports Be Banned?

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What is most common in High schools nowadays, the excellence in sports, or a stellar GPA? If one were to go to a school anywhere in the United States and ask a teenager what they excel in, the most common response would be basketball, or baseball, or even running. Rarely does one hear anyone say that they excel in mathematics or science or english/ language arts. But if one were to go to a school in Europe and ask the same question, the response would be significantly different. He most likely would not hear any competitive sport as a response, because they do not associate their sports within their educational systems. “There are so many things people [do not] think about when they think of sports.” (Ripley, 75). Such as the sports in Europe, what they consider sports, are what the United States considers a hobby. Europe strictly keeps their competitive sports as club sports, outside of school. So the students there are not faced with the same stresses as the student-athletes in the U.S. The academic scores in every country outside of the U.S are immensely higher. Having sports in high schools benefit the athletes by increasing student grades, providing college options, and creating a healthy lifestyle.
Are high school’s focusing their students and communities too much on their competitive sports? Teenagers in the United States have taken on the role of being a student-athlete. Student-athletes are participants in an organized competitive sport, who must balance the roles…

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