Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Pay For Students?

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Meir Statman of Wall Street Journal states that, “Education is an investment in your children’s future, and by extension in your own. It shouldn’t end in high school.” The biggest challenge we face in today’s society as students is finding a way to pay for an education. But the continuous argument that is always brought up is, should parents pay for college or the students? I think parents should support their children financially when going through college, because it’s the parent’s responsibility, students can better focus on school, and it helps them achieve goals. College is much harder when students can’t just focus on school, especially when students are worried about how they will be able to afford it. Justin Draeger states that, “Parents …show more content…
Most people say students aren’t learning the value of hard work because parents are spoiling by paying for their college education. Meir Statman argues that, “Paying for your children 's college doesn 't have to spoil them. Indeed, your saving for their education as they 're growing is an opportunity to teach them the lesson of deferring immediate gratification for future rewards.” However, on the other side of the argument Linda Herman thinks that, “It is time to treat young people as the adults we wish them to be. And that includes expecting them to step up to the plate and take responsibility for paying for college. It will help the parents—and it will help the students as well.” Joe Blundo states in The Columbus Dispatch that, “In a research paper published in 2012, he concluded that students receiving parental aid tend to slack off a bit on academics but are also more likely to graduate than those going it alone.” The facts do go to show that students that have help from parents tend to slack off a bit, because they aren’t the ones losing money. However, most students are more likely to graduate because they have a good support system behind them encouraging them to finish. Blundo also stated that, “I believe the student needs to partner with the parents and have an investment in their own education, I think the easiest way for the student to do that, first and foremost, is being a good student. In my opinion, that is the student’s main job.” If a parent doesn’t think it’s right to pay for their student’s education, then there is the option to go in halfway with

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