Should Gun Laws Be More Strict? Essay

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Thomas Caveda
English Comp. 1
12 October 2016
Should Gun Laws Be More Strict The 1791 Constitutional second amendment of the United States of America allowed that people can have the capability to keep and bear firearms (Spitzer). Gun laws and restrictions are different in various states across America and also among other countries. Some countries do not even allow anybody to own a gun unlike in America where the second amendment allow the people of USA to own guns. Nevertheless, there has been controversies and discussions for a long period to make gun laws stricter while others claim that guns should be taken away. In my opinion, gun laws should be made stricter to safeguard the society. Guns are used for illegal activities even when they are legally owned. However, they can also be very helpful regarding protection, but nevertheless, there have to be stricter gun laws to govern gun owners in the country. The second amendment of the United States of America claims that “…for a well-coordinated militia that is mandated with the protection of a Free State, the right and freedom of the people within that State to have guns shall not be denied.” (Spitzer) This was among the very first gun control laws to have ever been approved in the United States of America. Nevertheless, the gun laws are not all the same in all the States in America. For instance, in North Carolina, gun laws state a variety of limitations on acquiring or buying a firearm. The laws are specific…

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