Should College Be Affordable For Everyone? Essay

735 Words May 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Free College Tuition is a hot topic of debate in the United States.

In the six years after beginning to attend community college, 1only 21 percent of students graduate with a two-year degree. We, the taxpayers, under a free tuition plan would be paying for what is likely to be an increased student enrollment with little to no assurance that those lucky students would graduate or get any benefit from their terminated enrollment.
College should be affordable for everyone. Affordability is one of the main issues that families all over the U.S. are discussing -- whether they can afford to send their child to college, or not. Education has become not just expensive, but very expensive. It is no longer a given that a child who graduates from high school with good grades will be able to attend college. Being accepted by a college used to be the first and main hurdle, now the most important question is -- How will we pay for it? Tuition aid is available, but it is limited and does not come close to covering college costs. Everyone who qualifies should be able to attend college and stay until graduation. Students should not have to drop out because they are not able to pay for the next semester’s tuition or to worry that upon graduation they will be saddled with large amounts of debt that will take years and years to repay, at high interest rates. In many disciplines, new graduates are finding it hard to obtain work in their fields and at salaries high enough to pay off…

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