Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? College sports have become one of the largest spectacles in our country. Hundreds of thousands of people come to watch the heat of competition, and the universities bring in millions of dollars from the sporting events. There are even video games of the sports that are made that can bring in equal amounts of money. There has been continued debate about if the athletes should be paid to play, or if the money from their scholarships is enough. There are many reasons why athletes should be paid, they are: universities are making extreme amounts of money off of the players names, there is a large time commitment, and players may not be able to afford college. The first reason why athletes should be paid is because the universities are collecting extreme amounts of profit from the competitors. Between the big two sports, football and basketball, universities can keep their entire sports programs afloat for years due to the large sums of these sports. Take basketball for example, the average university makes around two point six million dollars in profit off the regular season. Now while that may seem like a lot of money going to an institution, the numbers can in fact grow even larger once March Madness rolls around. According to Zac Cheney-Rice, author of “Here’s How Many Billions College Players Will Make During March Madness This Year” says that “the television contract alone will bring in an estimated 771 million dollars to the NCAA every…

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