Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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One of the many hotly debated topics today is whether or not collegiate athletes should receive compensation. College athletes have two arenas: the classroom and the game. One of the main questions debated over is: “Is it the university 's job to pay athletes?” College athletes generate money for their universities, while universities, offer students athletic scholarships to attend the school. Being a college-athlete can be very time-consuming, leading people to differ in opinion. The proponents of providing compensation for college athletes claim other students can earn or receive money therefore college athletes should be able to also, sports generate revenue for their college, and the compensation ban encourages corruption, while opponents claim not all colleges earn enough revenue, a university 's job is to educate, and college sports should remain amateur.
College-level sports are amateur, and maintained by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), an organization designed to regulate and promote competition between other universities.The NCAA hosts a collegiate basketball tournament, called “March Madness”, through the month of March and ending within the first week of April. March Madness started off as a small and unpopular tournament, but “by the early 1980s the NCAA basketball tournament had become one of the most popular sporting events in the U.S.” (“Paying”). The NCAA tournament generates a lot of revenue for, media broadcasts as proved in “2009…

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