Essay on Should Abortion Be Made Illegal?

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Abortion is a widely controversial topic, it is the act of ending a pregnancy. There is a constant debate on wether abortion is right or wrong. Many people believe that a fetus is just as much a human being as any of us and there for, abortion is murder. Others believe that a women should not be forced to have a child she does not want, so my question is, should having an abortion be made illegal?

The first stage of pregnancy is fertilisation, when the sperm and egg meet. After about six days the blastocyst (Sperm + Egg) begin to try and burrow into the uterus wall. 60 to 80% of blastocyst fail to implant into the uterus wall and get flushed away in the next menstrual cycle. After roughly two weeks since fertilisation it starts to form into a true embryo. The embryo starts to form the beginnings of eyes, arms and legs at about week four. At the eighth week the embryo is at the stage that it is now called a fetus, brain cells are still not connected to each other. At or before this stage two-thirds of all abortions are performed, according to the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. At week 20 brain cells start to linkup, forming synapses, but not in the cortex which is the thinking and feeling part of the brain. Abortions are rarely performed this late in the pregnancy. During month seven, fetal brain waves begin that resemble those of a fully developed human. Then at week 37 (9th month) your baby is brought to term and you give birth.

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