Satirical Essay On Abortion

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There are few things in this world that will strike more fear into the heart of a woman—or a man, for that matter—than an unplanned pregnancy. Now the woman faces a choice: does she carry the fetus to term, or does she terminate the pregnancy? There are countless reasons for both options, such as the mother’s health, the health of the fetus, religious views, and how the mother was brought up. There are some instances in which a mother could feel that she could not rely on her family for support, such as cases of rape and incest. In this paper, I will take a categorical approach to show you how abortion can be ethical. Some people get sick at the mere mention of abortion. That is completely understandable, especially when you have done your research as to how abortions are performed, …show more content…
While abortion is not forbidden, the woman seeking an abortion must consult with a rabbi who is qualified to give advice on the matter of abortion. Abortion is allowed—even encouraged—when the mother’s life is at risk. The limitations on this, however, are that the risk to the mother must be substantial and that the abortion cannot happen in late stages of the pregnancy. If she has life-threatening difficulty in childbirth, then an abortion is permissible until the head or another part of the unborn child leaves the mother’s body. If continuing the pregnancy would drive the mother to suicide, then an abortion is allowed. In cases of rape or incest, abortion is allowed when the mother is suffering from distress severe enough to put her in danger. Another instance for abortion in cases of rape or incest is if the fetus is actively threatening the life of the mother. Abortion of a deformed fetus is typically not allowed, but if a fetus has a fatal birth defect, then some rabbis would allow an abortion. Jewish law takes a categorical approach to determining when an abortion would be

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