Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Today legalized murder is a problem throughout the U.S. Most of the victims are sadly unintended and unwanted; many of them were never even given a chance to live. People don’t want to face responsibility for their actions. They turn to getting rid of their “problem” instead of considering other options. Parenthood is difficult and takes a lot of time, energy, and money. However there is always adoption if parenthood is too much at the time. Many people can’t conceive, and those people normally want to be a mom or a dad. Abortion should be illegal unless under the circumstances of rape, incest, or if the mother/baby is being harmed. Sadly abortion has been practiced for a long time. Abortion is recorded all the way back during the Egyptian era around 1550 B.C. In Ebers Papyrus, a prehistoric Egyptian medical document, it proposes that by using plant-fiber tampons abortion could be induced. These tampons were covered with honey and crushed dates (“When Did Abortion Begin”). This is how women before the 1800s induced abortions. Before the 1800s, women had also passed on their abortion methods and knowledge from generation to generation. Women found that some herbs could cause a miscarriage so they would use those herbs for abortions. Herbs such as tansy, which was toxic in large doses due to its large content of thujone, was not only used for abortions but to kill parasites inside intestines as well (“Tansy Tanacetum Vulgare”). Pennyroyal, which is toxic to the liver, was…

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