Short Term Goals In Groups

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Our group has set both short term and long term goals to achieve by the end of the term project. All members should be aware of these goals and keep them in mind for the duration of the semester.
Our first short-term goal is to get to know each other’s personalities and work ethic. This will be done by meeting up outside of class and ask each other questions that do not pertain to the team project. Once this has been done, roles can be assigned based on individual personalities and competencies. Our second short term goal is to discuss group norms and what is acceptable team member practices. This will be done in our first weekly meeting, as it is one of the most important steps in early group formation.
Our first long-term goal is
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Furthermore, we must first develop a strong sense of communication within the group to ensure all members are happy with the end result. We will accomplish these goals through equal input and participation in all aspects of the group project. All members of the group will be included in the decision-making process to ensure everyone is happy with the decision. We will create a timeline that is reasonable for all members to follow that outlines the due dates for each portion of the project. If members cannot complete their part, it is their job to notify the other members using the group chat and arrangements to help finish the part will be made. One group learning goal is to build a sense of teamwork and learn how to effectively communicate and work together. The second group learning goal is to better understand team roles and their functions, and learn tips on becoming better leaders or team members. The third learning goal is to monitor individual and group progress and provide constructive feedback to each other in a respectful …show more content…
As compromiser, her duties are primarily in conflict resolution where she will find compromises so to improve the chances of win-win solutions when problems arise among group members.
Cole has been designated encourager and coordinator. As encourager and coordinator, Cole will be responsible to encourage group participation and the expression of all ideas. He will record the group’s ideas and organize them in a clear manner where he will then coordinate decision making based on group consensus.
Vincent has been assigned the role of energizer and gate keeper. As an energizer, he has to focus the group 's energy into forward movement. Vincent will push people to take action if there is a problem. As a gatekeeper, he will encourage everyone to participate in the group.
Anna has been assigned to be the recorder and commentator for the team. She will be in charge of reminding the group of the timeline deadlines coming up by communicating within the group through group chat and making sure the deadlines are met. As the commentator, she will be commenting on the performance of the group keeping everything in

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