Short Story: Riley, It's Time To Wake Up?

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“Riley, it’s time to wake up.” Topanga sing songed as she entered her daughter’s bedroom. A muffled response came from beneath the purple comforter. “You start school today; you should be excited.” Topanga said. “Not going” a more clear answer rang from under the covers. “Of course you are going” Topanga insisted and pulled the comforter off of Riley and the bed. “Get up, or I’ll send your father in here.” Topanga warned before she headed downstairs to go start breakfast. The thirteen year old huffed and remained in bed. She was not going to leave her bed for anyone. Ten minutes passed, and there was no sign of Riley. Topanga glanced at her husband and nodded towards the stairs. “Your turn.” she indicated while putting chocolate chip …show more content…
Eat some breakfast, so you can go get ready.” Topanga ushered while placing a plate of pancakes in front of her older child. “Good Morning, Riley. Are you going to eat your pancakes?” Auggie pestered his sister while eying the delicious item. “Yes, Auggie. Are you ready for school, buddy?” Riley replied as she sank her fork into the food on her plate. “Yes. Mommy said all the girls will love me in my jeans and my cowboy boots.” Auggie quoted, exaggerating the word ‘love’. “Yes, they will Auggie.” Riley confirmed. The rest of the family’s breakfast was eaten in silence. Once Riley finished, she put her dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to get ready. “We have to leave in twenty minutes” Cory reminded as he was going to drive Riely to middle school on his way to work. Topanga, who would spend her day at home, would make sure Auggie got on the bus for first grade at the correct time. Seventeen minutes later, Riley reappeared in the kitchen dressed in a floral patterned dress and navy ballet flats. “Ready Daddy?” she said while slinging her backpack over her right shoulder. Riley kneeled down and hugged her little brother. “Have a good day!” she wished him well before standing up. Topanga kissed her daughter’s forehead and slipped lunch money into her hand. “Good luck, I love you.” Topanga whispered. Riley nodded and headed into the garage. Cory hugged his son and kissed his wife goodbye before following after his daughter to the

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