Betty And Betty-Personal Narrative

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After another phone call to Betty without getting an answer, Louise placed her hands on the sides of her face and moaned. “Oh me, I’ve tried so hard to get through to that stubborn woman and to think I was even willing to work with her, but I was wrong. She might be a bitch, but I still need her help.”
“Wait a minute,” Louise thought placing her hand over her mouth.”Oh my God, I know what I can do. She might be the mayor’s wife, but she will learn I am just as brilliant as she is. She chuckled. “I knew I would come up with a plan to show how foolish she was acting. Now she’ll plead with me, to be her friend,” Louise was overjoyed with her solution.
“A purebred, now that will influence her. Money is the only thing women like Betty understands.”
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“I’m speaking of Betty and her son’s dead dog.”
“Isn’t that the one you killed?” Mike asked knowing she would never admit it.
“The dog is dead who cares who did it. It’s done.”
“Now, do you think you can smooth things over?” Mike asked. “You’re the one that killed the boy’s dog. You can’t expect her to ignore that.”
“Sorry, but I convinced Betty that I didn’t do it. I will take care of it. At least, I can try. You understand money and expensive things are what influences women like us.” Louise said with a sheepish grin flipping her long blond hair over her shoulder and went to the bedroom.
A few minutes later, she returned carrying her purse and waved to him
“Good luck,” Mike said and watched as she went to the garage.
While driving down the street to her friend’s kennel, Louise turned the radio up loud and swayed in the seat, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel while singing along with Janet Jackson.
Although, she had never cared for animals, Louise admired her friend, Tina for operating a clean, kennel filled with healthy puppies. Louise hoped once she told Betty about the kennel that she would stop pushing the government to regulate the
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I am still furious with you for killing Shane and then to have the audacity to lie. No, my dear, it doesn’t work like that,” Betty said, as her face turned blood red and her eyes sparkled with anger.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She asked and watched Louise trying to get the dog back in the carrier without touching it. After a few minutes, Betty knelt down, picked up the dog, held it in her arms for several minutes, before placing it in the carrier, and closed the latch.
“I want you out of my home this instant! Take that dog with you, Ben has another one.” Betty said following her to the door before she told her. “As long as my husband is mayor, and you’re the President of the Women’s Club, I’ll work with you when I see fit, but don’t you expect one thing more from me because you’re not going to get it.”
Betty raised her voice, opening the front door. “Get out of my house and don’t you come back. You’re not welcome!” She said as she slammed the door.
“Well, it’s not my problem that you think that way,” Louise said going to her car, furious with Betty over her behavior. “She is a bitch and to think I needed to be her

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