Short Story : ' Mom Just Please Let Me ! ' Essay

1230 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 5 Pages
“Mom just please let me!” “No Amanda... No!” “But mom!!!” “Amanda, will you stop? I already said no.” “I’m already sixteen, but you’re still like this!” she yelled, trying to prove her point. “I’m just protecting you Amanda. I don’t want any harm to happen to you.” “UGH... I can’t live with you anymore!” *bam* the door slammed. Amanda locked herself in her room for hours. Her mom won’t let her join their school’s field trip next week. Kath is very strict because Amanda is her only child. She doesn’t let Amanda play outside when she was just a kid. And she won’t let her go out with her friends until now. The reason being is that Kath got pregnant at the age of fifteen by her boyfriend, but he didn’t take any responsibility of what happened. He doesn’t want anything to do with the child nor with Kath. She just doesn’t want Amanda to fall in love at a very young age and make the same mistake as she did before. Kath knocked on Amanda’s room, “Amanda, time for supper.” But no one answered. “Amanda, this won’t make me change my mind. If you don’t want to eat… fine!” Pissed, as soon as she hears her mom walk away from her room, she gets up. Went to do her face, dress up and texted her boyfriend. “I’ll be sleeping in your house tonight. Pick me up at the station.” Without waiting for his reply, Amanda went off. She snuck out from her room window. When she was right about to step out, she saw her mom taking out the trash, she snuck back in. She waited until her mom was…

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