Short Story : ' Hell ' Essay

1070 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
Thinking back to the events that have lead to what is happening now, I never will understand what has happened. Mark grabbed my hand and pulled me through a small gap, he saying something about keeping quiet and laying low. Jack was nowhere to be found; hell I don’t even know if Jack is still in this hellhole with us or not but we had to find him if he was. From a few rooms over, a female scream had my chest clench and my stomach drop, that poor girl sounded like she needed help. Something in me snapped and I bolted from our hiding spot.
“Y/N!” Mark gasped as I grabbed the nearest weapon, a metal pipe, and continued down the decrypted hallway. I ran, trying to be mindful or my surroundings. The girl screamed again, and I located the source to a certain door. I could hear Mark trying to catch up to me, but I didn’t even flinch as I kicked the door down. The beast, now alerted to my presence, turned away from the girl and came at me. I flipped over it and started swinging. Connecting my hit each time, it wasn’t long until the beast was down. I turned to the girl and let out a curse.
She wasn’t an injured test subject, in this sick experiment like Mark, Jack, me, and many others. She was a monster of this place and she was lunging at me. I wasn’t quick enough to dodge and her nails raked up my arm. I hissed as I lost my grip on my weapon. Completely shaken by her attack, I was defenseless to her grabbing me by my throat and throwing me through a wall. I groaned, focusing on…

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