Short Story : ' Happy Birthday ! ' Essay

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I first met you in grade 9 French class. I still remember sitting one row behind you. The first interaction we had was probably when we were doing a French activity where we were supposed to meet someone and find out more about them. I was using a pen at the time and somehow managed to spell your name wrong, so I crossed it out, scribbling messily around my paper. As time passed, I was miserably failing my tests, while you were pretty much getting perfect on each one. I aspired to be like you from the very beginning. One day, you took a bunch of selfies which I then sent back to you, to which you told me they were “birthday presents”. We had our first real conversation later, when I was really emotionless at the time, to which you made that hilarious comic strip featuring me getting hit by an object and walking away.
I later learned that you were someone who really, REALLY, liked food, especially cookies. Being the selfie goddess, you kept on taking amazing selfies on my phone, and I started hanging out in the public library alone after school. I wondered what clubs you’d joined, but was surprised that you hadn’t joined any sports teams. You told me that you sucked at sports, but I still really encouraged you to do so. I told you about how I went to Westdale everyday, and you begged me to buy cookies for you. I promised to bring them to class, and at that point we pretty much became besties. I still remember helping you out with math and percentage…

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