Shopify Case Study

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Building an online ecommerce store can be a daunting task and business owners have one particular question in their mind that is which platform is the best suited for their business.
The platform that you choose for your store is crucial to your success: And if you choose the right one, it will definitely grow and advance with your business.

There are a number of questions about whether WordPress or Magento or Shopify provide the foremost enterprise platform. If we have to give an answer then it would definitely be Shopify.

The reason we prefer Shopify is because it’s nothing like WordPress or Magento (which are great in their own way), but it contains all the tools for launching; there you wouldn’t have to worry about hosting or buying
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You can use Shopify to power your ecommerce store. Here are the reasons why Shopify makes sense for your business and how you can make most out of it.

1.It is easy to set up and use:
The best feature of Shopify is that it offers a quick way to launch your online store without creating a fuss over development and server expenses. Irrespective of not having technical knowledge and expertise, it becomes easy to launch a store - all you need is inventory.
It allows business owners to focus on their growth and sales instead of getting into triviality of website management.
Shopify exemplifies simplified process, however, it does not mean that it is only a basic, bare-bones shopping cart. The users are provided a Manual, numerous guidelines that offer you to make the most of the platform.

The manual is quite extensive, guiding the users through the process of database management, using the discounts, collection and sales, payment and shipping related issues and question related to inventory
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With over hundreds of themes, there is no way your store and its attributes would not feature in your design.

There are several paid themes available to choose from which has more features as compared to the free ones. All you need to make an effort on is finding the right theme. Once you have figured the theme that suits the best for your store, you can start customizing its look and feel according to your desire.

Shopify allows you to integrate and upload your own template, so that you can use it for your store. Though, no Shopify theme has Shopify branding. Or you can say that there is no trace of Shopify brand to be found on your site. It is an amazing for a novice, as it won’t affect their search engine ranking and it would also give an impression that you have designed the website yourself.

Theme selection includes categories like clothing, food, electronics, etc. And they seem to update new themes consistently, keeping the appeal and modernity in mind.

3.It is economical and

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