Shared Reading Experience

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The continuation of my shared reading /literacy enhancement internship is moving toward my ideal outcome with very minimal improvising. During the past two weeks, I participated in my second parent informational session with the same set of parents with two new additions to explain what the children and I had been working on since the start of the program. The parent informational session took place on March 6, 2016 comprised of seven parents out of the 16 that was invited. The informational session lasted approximately 45 minutes from start to finish. The informational session consisted of photos, activities, shared resources for parents and an actual visual of two willing parents demonstrating the shared reading activities that took place …show more content…
I have been charged with creating a combination class that can service all ages in the shared reading experience with a biblical blend during church services. One suggestion I will need to work on will be to adjust my ability to work with individuals that have a different vision that doesn’t align with my own vision. The infant/toddler Sunday school teacher, which is also the first lady of the church, has her vision of allowing children to engage in play opportunities without any interactions on her part, that she considers free play. In regards to my own belief system by engaging in play with children by taking clues from children by observing their play with peers and interacting by facilitating techniques that can build on an opportunity to scaffold development. I also have to make changes within the room that I utilize for this project to make it developmentally appropriate for ages (0-5). The need to research shared reading activities DAP for children birth to kindergarten will be a slight enhancement due to my focus on children ages (3-5). These two new adjustments can help support the demonstration of strength and perseverance when faced with adversity from individuals that aren’t like minded. I know what drives me and what I am passionate about when it comes to early childhood education; I also realize that the leader I am aiming to be will possess the ability to work with a variety of individuals looking to create effective changes in the

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