Essay on Sexual Harassment And Gender Inequality

962 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual requirements in the context of unequal power. Fifteen percent of lawyers revealed that judges encouraged improper behavior toward women attorneys. This is problematic and reveals that the legal system itself needs to be altered. Sexual harassment is one example that reveals there should be laws instituted to limit gender inequality. The author Brenner aims to explore the term gender inequality and pose solutions. By discussing this problem of inequality, Brenner desires to make women aware that they are being treated unfairly in the legal profession. Often women are excluded from receiving promotions and higher income rates that male attorneys are given. For example, the positions of law school dean and tenured law professors are mainly occupied by men. In the United States twenty percent of women are deans and approximately only twenty-seven percent of women are tenured law professors. Women in the legal field often experience physical abuse from their male colleagues. The American Bar Association conducted a survey that revealed two-thirds of women in private practice and fifty-percent of women in corporate law undergo sexual harassment. It is not common for women to report being sexually abused because these accusations can affect their reputation. Women who experience this abuse are not content with their job and desire to resign. Sexual harassment hinders women attorneys from pursuing their career in the legal field.

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