seventeen traditions Essay

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Tradition normally means time transcendence passed down from elder generation to younger generation. In the book “The Seventeen Traditions” written by Ralph Nader, Nader explains many different kinds of traditions learned from his parents and family. The central idea is that tradition enriches the human experiences and gives a value building one’s personality and character beyond power and money. These days’ people are too busy to consider what is really important in their lives or what they live for. They only look for power and money. Sometimes they forget the most precious things that are actually bringing real happiness to them, such as they look for present entertainment rather than real enjoyment. Tradition could be one of …show more content…
Today’s people are usually exposed to entertainment such as watching TV sitcom, rather than enjoyment such as having good time with their family. Watching funny TV program gives some fun, in fact, it is very instant. It cannot give happy and grateful memories lasted for long time in life. Enjoyment, however, gives very long lasting memory that can make smile anytime. In my experience, I have lived with my grandparents for almost 20years, and they really love to have the time to talk with their grandchild. I and my sister usually went to their room after supper, and heard many bedtime stories and their old experiences. In fact, there were always good lessons and important meaning. In my childhood, it had been kind of small enjoyment to me, but after growing up, I realized that these stories my grandparents told me have built my part of personality. When I face to some problems, this small enjoyment always helps me to think a key of solution. I always appreciated to having the time that shared good humor and stories with my grandparents.
As Nader’s parents emphasize saving and scarcity, my parents and grandparents educated me about importance of scarcity and modesty even my father’s high income. I believe that this thing is really important to business. After people get rich and powerful, they lose their modesty and forget their tough past. This results less productivity and creativity because they feel comfortable with their

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