Sexism And Its Effects On Women

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Sexism in Magazines. With magazines now mimicking music and television by objectifying women, it is becoming typical to see nude or topless women inside or on the cover of magazines. For most people, when they think thing of sexism in magazines, Playboy comes to mind. Playboy is a men’s entertainment magazine, renowned for its display on scantily-clad women. Although this objectification of women is merely “light-hearted” entertainment for men, it should be taken so lightly. The Des Moines Register accuses Playboy of giving men, “permission to view and treat women as sex objects on a whole new level. It makes women see themselves that way too, breeding insecurity and limiting ambitions. That has helped fuel eating disorders and enrich the plastic surgery industry. And the lowered self-worth has increased women 's and girls ' vulnerability to domination and even abuse”. Author, Rekha Basu is meaning that when women see the pictures of the “ideal” woman in Playboy, and see how much they attract the attention of the male readers, they start to compare themselves to these models. Women may believe that they will never be good enough or think that they need to change their appearance in order compete with the women in this magazine. Basu also mentioned an increased likely-hood of domination and abuse towards women. This, in part, is due to from the fact that men may want to project what they see in magazines on their wives or girlfriends. If men feel that they are entitled to see

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