Sex In Advertising Essay

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Advertising is constantly surrounding us; TV, Radio, Internet, Billboards, Magazines, Books; What makes an advertisement stick with you? Images? Music? Words? Phrases? Why?
How often do we encounter advertisements having to do with sex? Why do you think that is?
Name the kinds of products are sold using sexuality, why do you think advertisers would use sex to sell their goods?
How does this process work, what does it mean when people say sex sells? Would you agree that it actually does the job of selling more product? Why or why not?
Have magazines become increasingly sexualized? Why or why not? What impressions do magazines give about sex, body image, and gender?
What sorts of products are sold using images of women and femininity? What
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How? Give some examples, perhaps name a few role models.
What does the representation of sex in the media tell us about the culture in which these girls and women live?
How do advertisements influence people’s decision when making a purchase? Do you think advertising influences the kinds of products you buy? If yes, how? If no, explain why.
Think about the amount of beauty products incorporated in advertisements today; that claim to help women look younger. Are there positive or negative effects associated with the way this makes women feel as they age? Why?
Would you say that the media reflects or creates the ideal image of beauty in our society; setting standards for men and women to work up too? Or do you think it’s a bit of both? Explain what you mean.
What are some of the potential physical, emotional, and mental effects on girls and women who try to live up to our culture’s ideal image of beauty?
In what ways might the objectification of men in advertisements be affecting how men feel about their own bodies?
In what ways do images of thinness and advertisements for food contradict each other in the media? How might their combined effects lead to disordered

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