Good Girls Revolt Summary

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Good Girls Revolt is a novel written by Lynn Povich retelling how she and her fellow female coworkers worked to change their workplace to be an equal workplace. Povich was a young woman trying to achieve her goals and be a writer for Newsweek, however, even with qualifications, women simply were not allowed higher-level positions. Women were intimidated into staying so low or praised for being so well in their lower roles that they would hurt the company if they left it. The book focuses around the legal action the ladies took in order to reform the workplace hierarchy and gender discrimination. On the day the company ironically releases an issue promoting feminine power, 46 females employees place a lawsuit suing them. The lawyer they first …show more content…
The author is able to keep research light, as it is her own personal experience with her job at Newsweek. It describes fully how the situation went for them and as to why it was a necessary action, however the situation overall was under played. If they truly wanted to make a long-term change, for those to come, they would have demanded more of their employer. By simply changing just the numbers in the organization’s ratio, is not changing the workplace environment. You would need different policies, and most likely a different mindset, in order to create a more concrete and lasting change in diversity initiatives. The fact that it is still a boy’s club industry is still negatively affecting the current situation for women. Furthermore, the men are not taught how to value their female counterparts properly. Possibly by a change in the hierarchy and some company training could help make the workplace more open-minded. Nonetheless, it was interesting to learn about the publication industry’s hidden issue. The insights I come away with are that it is highly necessary for people to stand up for themselves if they feel are being discriminated by who they are and not be defined by their quality as a person and

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