Serial Killer Essay

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Walter and Daisy West gave birth to a baby boy named Fred in the year 1941, in a village not so far from London known as Much Marcle. This family was an odd one, considering that incest was an acceptable part of the household, as claimed by Fred West. Fred, being the rebel that he was, left school at the age of fifteen and started working at the farm. His crimes in society began by the year 1961 when he was fined for minor thefts in Hereford, England. Later in the same year he was accused of getting a thirteen year old girl pregnant. Fred West found nothing wrong in doing so and rebelled furthermore.

The family became sick and tired of his acts and so they kicked him out. He started working for
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Rena at this point had left her children with Fred, which meant that Rose was to take care of Fred’s two kids and her own.

West was constantly in jail and was going to be released after the birth of his and Rose’s daughter, Heather, in the year 1970. When he was released from jail, Rose told him that she had killed his daughter Charmaine and they needed to get rid of the body. He disposed her body like he did Anna’s; he took of the fingers, toes and this time even the kneecaps. He knew Rena would question her daughter’s disappearance so he killed her in August of 71’. West followed the same procedure as he did and buried her remains in a plastic bag not too far from Anna McFall.

The couple was freaky; they would sexually torture their own children for pleasure. In December of 72’ they sexually assaulted their seventeen year old nanny, Caroline Owens. Caroline escaped their torturous behavior and reported the couple to the police. The Wests were fined with serious sexual assault in January of 73’. Even during their time in the cells the couple had brought eight girls to a horrific death. They were all buried under cell number 25.

Justice finally took place when Detective Constable Hazel Savage started a search that found pornography and clear evidence of child abuse. Fred was then arrested for rape and sodomy of a minor, while Rose for assisting in the rape of a minor. The investigation uncovered the abuse of Anne-Marie and the

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