Essay about Seminar One Exercises

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Samantha Curtis
FIN 101
February 23, 2015

1. Research some economics concepts regarding the value of labor. How do the business cycles and the health of the economy affect the value of your labor? In terms of supply and demand, what are the optimal conditions in which to sell your labor? How might further education increase your mobility in the labor market (the value of your labor)?
a. When the value of labor is down, the economy is down. When the events from the world begin to change (recession), than the balance between supply and demand change. Sometimes demand and supply change so much that one or the other cannot keep up with the other. Whatever happens between supply and demand, us as buyers and sellers react, than overall this
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Also, prepare a balance sheet. List all your assets, liabilities and debts, and your equity from all sources. What does your cash flow statement tell you about your current financial situation? What does the balance sheet show about your financial situation at this moment in time? If you wanted to increase your liquidity, what would you do to change your cash flows; and how would your balance sheet need to change?
a. I am not really understanding this question. I made the cash flow statement. It broke down what I made in 2014, than from there it told me what I spent (revenue). I subtracted the two, and got my cash flow. It tells me that I have a little money that I should save. The balance sheet shows me a dollar amount of all my belongings. It tells me where I spent what, and how much I owe in debt. If I wanted to increase my liquidity I would change the amount of money that I pay out. That would give me extra assets. My balance sheet would change for the better. It would be an increase in my assets, and a decrease in my

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