Self Assessment And Personality Tests Essay

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Many companies are using self-assessments and/or personality tests as part of the hiring process as well as to enhance employee performance. Although companies use these tests to identify individuals with desirable attributes, the results can be misleading as many times applicants will respond with answers they think the employer wants. This self-assessment activity gave me the chance to see what type of questions companies could use to identify a variety of attributes as well as pinpoint some personal strengths and weaknesses. This paper will explore these strengths and weakness. I will also explore what I have learned about myself that will help me be at better employee, co-worker, and/or manger.
Keywords: self-assessment, personality test

Self-Assessment Analysis
This week was an enlightening experience as I have never completed such a formal and in-depth self -assessment. I can certainly see how companies could benefit using questionnaires as both a hiring tool as well as a way to better their employees’ self-awareness. Once you understand more of who you are as a person, you will be better equipped to understand how you interact with other people. This can help us both at work as well as home as God is in the business of drawing individual people together through Jesus Christ for His corporate purposes (Fischer, 2006). With that said, I will move on to what I learned about myself.
What about me? I was not surprised this assessment labeled me…

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