Select Specialty Hospital

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The clinical site in which I’m currently working is Select Specialty Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. It is one of 110 long term acute care hospitals (LTACH) owned by Select Medical Corporation of Pennsylvania. As a LTACH facility, the patient population includes those that are critically ill and have medically complex issues. These patients require more comprehensive, specialized care and longer hospital stays that are, on average, three to four weeks. The focus of the quality assurance/improvement programs that Select has in place is geared toward their critical patient population.
There are three major components used for the overall measurement of quality outcomes within Select hospitals- QualMax, patient satisfaction, and FRESH20. The
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Select is accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO), licensed by the State of Mississippi, and Medicare certified. The JCAHO has a set of performance standards that must be met by the organization that it accredits and their accreditation is a nationwide symbol of quality showing an organization’s commitment to meeting those standards. As required by law, Select is licensed by the Mississippi State Department of Health. Their licensure is required to show compliance with both state and federal health and safety standards. On-site surveys are conducted regularly by the State Department to assure requirements are being met in the areas of health, safety, sanitation, fire, and quality of care. This licensure is required to receive reimbursements from the federally funded program, Medicare. Many of the patients at Select are insured by Medicare. In order to participate in the Medicare program, a patient care facility must meet health and safety standards. The Medicare certification allows patients receiving this funding to be admitted to and receive care at Select. These three accreditations speak to the general public about the quality of care that they would receive at Select. A number of other statistics are regularly reviewed to measure quality of patient care at Select Specialty hospital. A few examples are the prevalence of hospital-acquired wounds, injuries secondary to falls, and infection control. With most of Select’s patients being in critical condition, many are bed bound or severely deconditioned, which puts them at higher risk for wounds, falls, and infections. Monitoring the rates of these occurrences in patients is a way that Select monitors the effectiveness of the policies and procedures that are in place to prevent them from

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