Segmentation And Segmentation Of Red Bull Essay

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3. STP Analyse
3.1. Segmentation
Red Bull divided the market into small parts to make it easier and avoid the waste of product.
Red Bull`s main targets are men and woman who are into sportive activities from 18 to 40.

3.1.1. Demographic Segmentation
In demographic segmentation, the business sector is partitioned into gatherings on the premise of variables, for example, age, salary, gender, occupation and so forth; these demographic variables are so prominent with sellers so they are regularly connected with the purchaser 's wants and needs.

Age: Young adults (between 16 and 29); young urban professionals, post-secondary school students and club-goers.
Gender: Red Bull`s main target is male customers but females are part of their customers too.
Occupation: Students, athletes, drivers who are working for long distance, working people. (Red Bull Marketing Diary, 2013)

3.1.2. Psychographic Segmentation The company uses the science to understand in a better way the customers. Market is always changing and Red Bull is always coming up with new flavors and offers to attract more customers. We can divided the psychographic segmentation buyers such as lifestyle, attitude, occasions, personality and benefits. (Red Bull Marketing Diary, 2013)

3.1.3 Geographic Segmentation
In geographic segmentation Red Bull extended its product all over the world through different geographical units such as cities, states and regions.

Cities: Average, developed countries and metropolitan…

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