Essay on Security Officers Should Not Carry Guns

740 Words Dec 1st, 2016 3 Pages
Most Americans are fearful to go beyond their door threshold. If a person turned to their local news channel, they would see chaos. People dying every day around them from the most violent, unnatural causes. Every day people kill one another with no remorse. Frightened, the people of America turn to the security offers hired to protect the people and to keep the people safe, but most security officers don 't keep citizens out of harm 's way at all. Because armed security guards are more harmful than helpful, security guards should not be allowed to carry guns in public places. One reason security officers should not carry guns is because the United States does not regulate armed guards the way they should. Of the fifty states, fifteen states allow guards to openly carry firearms without any form of training before hand, claims The Center for Investigative Reporting, while nine of the states do not run background checks, which allows people with a violent history, even those with a felony or domestic abuse charge, to become a security guard. Few states even check guards for previous substance abuse, such as alcohol or illegal drugs. The most surprising, more than fifty-three percent of states allow guards who are prohibited by law to carry a gun to become an armed guard. The "results are as tragic as they are predictable," The Center for Investigative Reporting states. Another more serious reason that security guards should not be armed is that guards go unpunished for…

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