Sante's Resume Essay

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Luc Santé's Resume is a personal account of cultural and socio-economical changes throughout Europe during the mid 20th century, and how they potentially correlated to impact his life. Resume consists of nine different life summaries, each with introductory constants (Luc Santé birth details, Lucien Santé's work history), before an opposing tale is expressed to conclude each paragraph. These vary in positive and negative connotations, but the concluding argument Santé's work puts forth aligns with the cliché that 'every action has a reaction'. In essence, one slight tweak in his life, or resume, starts a chain effect that differs each life from one another. Santé constructs his own identity foremost, but also the identities of his parents …show more content…
The third last concluded with the line "I had no news from my parents. After a while I couldn't remember their faces" (10). This transitioned into the penultimate paragraph, which finished: "my father's plan was to parlay the stake amassed from selling off their possessions into a small fortune at the baccarat table. It didn't work" (ibid). Santé has constructed an identity of his parents in which they are either absent or chronic failures, out of luck and out of hope. This is finalized in the final paragraph, in which Santé merely states in a depressed setting, "my parents sat on the floor" (11). They are perceived as flops previously, but as Santé's text draws to an end, they are constructed as two people entirely defeated.

Santé writes with a formal register, allowing an insight into his personal life without revealing much in the way of personal feelings or thoughts. It is this technique that draws the text away from potential reader compassion, as the construction of this cold, calculated individual that has little response to life-defining moments is hard to sympathize with. As opposed to traditional memoirs Santé's life story is seen to be devoid of human sentiment, as the majority of his paragraphs end with depressing conclusions and cold, impersonal summations. However, this technique is

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