Samsung : A Multi National South Korean Company Essays

2204 Words Oct 17th, 2016 9 Pages
The following case study will reflect an evaluation of the Samsung organization which is a multi-national South Korean Company widely-known for its achieved amount of success in developing innovative and new-age technology around the world. With this in mind, although Samsung, the manufacturing expertise has produced world class electronics, they are currently facing issues with the reputation of their brand and organization as a whole, product reliability, and consumer trust. The company recently released the Galaxy Note 7, a premium device that sold for at least $850 in the United States. It received strong reviews from critics, who heralded it as a sleek and powerful, but customers excitement evaporated as safety concerns grew (Riley and Kwon, 2016). Now the newly released note universally labeled as a defective mobile device since there’s been a number reported incidents of the smart phone overheating worldwide. The main problem Samsung face is figuring out how to move forward despite the recent events. After careful evaluation of the company tragic events, and the global response the key issues and problems discussed in this research study forms one purposeful solution. In order for Samsung to regain its former credibility, the company must re-define, redesign, rebrand and restore their organization to maintain it global capital and influence. To summarize, the purpose of this evaluation is to identify key strategies, provide solutions and make…

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