Essay about Sample Resume : Pharmacy And Toxicology

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Pharmacy and Toxicology
I never knew what I was passionate about until I was in 8th grade. At first, I wanted to be a physical therapist assistant. However, in the middle of 9th grade, I changed my passion and wanted to be a pediatrician and I have continuously stuck to that idea. I really wanted to do things in the medical field and so joined an after school club called READY Club which is a club that teaches students how to react during an emergency or a medical emergency. I have been CPR trained and received my license in 2015. My grandma was diagnosed with tuberculosis so she was at the hospital for many months and I would stay at the hospital with her to help translate things to her. However, my other intention was to observe the room nurse and the doctors who come in. I didn’t have any internship or anything, but I was thankful that I was able to observe them. I even talked with a nurse about my passion and she told me to dream big and go big. And I have continuously strived for pediatrics. I had no fear. However, my family as a whole—cousins, uncles, aunts—they have all looked down on me. “You’ll never become a pediatrician,” or “You can never be a doctor,” or “Don’t dream too big. You’ll only get hurt in the end.” I have been criticized for dreaming big and I have been told it’s a bad thing. But I continue to dream and I had a backup plan. If I didn’t become a pediatrician like they said, I’ll become a pharmacist. And I was also passionate in the pharmacist field…

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