Why I Want To Be A Nurse

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I have been asked many times why I would ever want to be a hospice nurse. I get strange looks when I tell people it’s my dream job. I get the same reaction from most people, they get big eyes, jaw slightly drops, and they always suggest hospice nursing must be one of the saddest jobs created! I’ve wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember, and have felt called to hospice. As a young girl I wanted to be a baby nurse, and wanted to bring babies into the world. My journey and passion for hospice started with two personal experiences, and I desired to help people leave this world with peace and dignity.
When I was in Elementary School, we had to bring in a large paper bag filled with things that would describe our dream job. I got up in front of the class very confident with my nurse bag. My nurse bag was something I played with often at home, so I was very familiar with its content. I brought in bandages, a stethoscope, tissues, a thermometer, and a homemade name badge. I can remember telling my classmates how I was going to save lives someday. Ironically, my passion is no longer saving lives, it’s being there for someone when they die.
Suddenly when I was ten years old, my
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Obviously, every family I will come in contact with will not have the same Christian beliefs that I do; however, as a hospice nurse I will be asked the difficult question most people wonder: where will I go when I die, and is heaven real? I will be able to answer questions, and talk to people with a Christian touch. What a blessing it will be to give someone spiritual comfort in the mist of their last days. Realistically, I know I will not be able to have this conversation with everyone I come in contact with, nor will everyone be receptive. My faith however will keep me strong on the days I question my job. I can rely on my faith for my comfort after difficult days on the

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