Sample Resume For A Interview Essay

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An important skill for every person to have is having good interview skills as a bad interview results in no job. Most young people dislike the whole interview process or don’t have the experience which can lead to the interview going wrong. Many schools and colleges help with this by offering mock interviews, tips and advice to help with this and give students the change to earn interview experience for the real thing. The work based learning module is basically a placement I had to acquire myself and take part in an interview to secure the placement in the Bangor Visitor Information Centre.
When preparing for an interview I always ensure that I have suitable and smart clothing chosen and that my appearance is neat and clean. This is important for me to do as those conducting the interview will have their first impressions will be based on the way I present myself. I think the outfit I chose was smart and suitable for an interview and that I did present myself well and I would wear that same outfit for any other interviews.
I prepared by gathering information about the centre and where it was as I was unsure of its location before the interview. This made me more nervous about the interview as I didn’t know where the building was situated, to fix this I got directions and walked down to reassure myself of where it was. I think this was a good idea to do before the day arrived as if I didn’t do this I may have been late to the interview trying to find were the…

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