Essay Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Legalizing same sex marriage has been a controversial topic in the past few years. In my opinion, same sex couples should be allowed to get married because it is a civil right. It shouldn 't matter what gender they prefer because they 're still regular people. Making same sex marriage illegal is the same as taking away someone 's freedom and civil rights. That 's unethical and completely awful. There 's no harm being done by letting two people who are in love with each other get married. However, many religious fundamentalists are against this and believe same sex marriage is wrong and needs to be stopped. Same sex couples should have the right to get married because it 's a civil right and their sexual preference doesn 't make them any less human.
For many years, same sex marriage has been getting legalized, illegal, then legalized again by the supreme court. They have continued to give same sex couples the right to get married only to take away that right and make it illegal again. Same sex marriage has been a debate for a long time now with many different views and opinions on it. On January 16, 2015 same sex marriage was finally legalized in all 50 states. The U.S supreme court had agreed to hear four cases about whether or not same sex marriage should be illegal or legal. "Decided by the court under the heading of Obergefell on June 26, 2015, a 5–4 majority of justices led by Justice Anthony Kennedy reversed the Sixth Circuit 's upholding of state bans and…

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