Apple Iphone Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT Analysis:
Apple IPhone:
1. Strengths: Apple is a brand in the field of Smartphones. It is known for its innovative products and has created a niche for itself over the years. The following are the strengths for Apple:
a. Brand: Apple invests a lot of money to create brand awareness and it creates a very strong demand for IPhones. Over the years Apple has created a space as a brand which comes with the most innovative product. Apple uses its advertising to maintain that image in the eyes of the customers.
Apple is also recognised as the most valuable brand in 2015 by Forbes and Interbrand.
b. Strong Distribution Channel: Apple uses an extensive distribution channel. It uses multiple channels to deliver its products such as online stores,
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Data Security: Customers who use Apple, store their information on the cloud based platforms. These platforms offer a lot of flexibility to the customers, but at the same time it increases the risk of data breach. Though, Apple claims for providing a safe platform, but they are constantly under attack.
SWOT Analysis of Competitors (Google and Samsung):
The major competitors of Apple in the IPhone segment is Google and Samsung. We will analyse the position of the two companies by performing a SWOT analysis.
1. Strengths:
a. Google:
A: Search Engines: Google is a market leader in search engines. Most of the world’s online searches are done on google. It allows Google to earn lots of profits which helps it to invest money in other businesses.
B: Huge Revenue from Advertising: Google’s major source of income is from advertising
C: Android and Mobile Based Technologies: Google has developed Android based operating system which is commonly used in the developing countries.
b. Samsung:
A: Heavy investment in R&D: Samsung has invested a lot of money in R&D over the years (in fact one of the highest in the industry). It has led to a lot of patents in the name of Samsung.
B: Innovative Design: Samsung offers a lot of design unlike its competitor

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